• Finlandia8:37
  • Beethoven Symphony 78:43
  • Rodeo4:06
  • Scheherazade7:12
  • Danza6:08
  • October7:13


2018-2019 AOB Officers

President:  Kristie Absalon (Integral in Committees & Fundraising)
Vice President:  Bryan Snyder (Volunteers)
Treasurer:  Kate Lucas Stump
Secretary:  Suzanne Moody (Titus Renovations)

Officer:  Leah Flick (Communications, Website, etc)

Officer:  Bill Armstrong (Membership & Alumni)
FHIMA rep:  Sue Gurski

Welcome to the Orchestra Boosters' Page. We would like to invite you to join the boosters and ask that if you are not a member that you download and print off a membership form at the right. The Anderson Orchestra Boosters is a group designed to help the extra needs involved with running a top notch program. The boosters have helped supplement the district orchestra budget, as well as support the students with awards and organize chaperones for trips.