• Finlandia8:37
  • Beethoven Symphony 78:43
  • Rodeo4:06
  • Scheherazade7:12
  • Danza6:08
  • October7:13


Shred Event

Saturday, Sept. 29th 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Forest Hills School District Administration Building

Rain or Shine!

PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY! Bring your personal and/or business paper documents in boxes or bags. Contents will be emptied into the on-site vendor’s truck for safe, secure, and immediate shredding. Paper clips, binder clips, staples and rubber bands do not need to be removed. We cannot shred hard drives.

Anderson Orchestra students will help you unload, and you can watch as the documents are shredded before your eyes. This event is sponsored by the Anderson High School Orchestra Boosters, and all proceeds support Anderson Orchestra students in their pursuit of music excellence.

Suggested minimum donations:

1 - 2 bags/boxes $10

3 - 5 bags/boxes $25

6 + bags/boxes $5 per bag/box

Questions? Contact Kristie Absalon - kristieabsalon@gmail.com